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Necore Tower

Necore Tower Game Art

Necore Tower is the intro mini-game to the series, preceding the events of Necore: The Thunder King. Necore Tower is inspired by the following games, films and books:

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  • Final Fantasy III, V, VI, XV
  • Slay The Spire
  • Darksouls
  • Warhammer Time of Legends
  • The Witcher Book series by Andrej Zapkowski
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Eragon

What Is Necore Tower Meant To Be?

Necore Tower is based as an Action RPG with puzzle solving elements, however, instead of focusing on new mechanics, (although there are a couple niche mechanics available) the game is intent on bringing a narrative to life. Becoming an in-between of both Graphic Novel games and action/Japanese role playing games.

The story is fairly Linear as it is to take on the role of an interactive backstory for the main series game “Necore: The Thunder King“. A more expanded game, with a similar focus on story over mechanics.

There is a good amount of time being spent on the story so that the quests match almost to the narrative, so that the narrative flows into the backstory of Necore and so that the main series has some more special moments when you meet a recurring NPC.

Why Is It So Hard?

Necore Tower is designed to follow a set story in the NecoreSeries, the difficulty has almost nothing to do with it, I just wanted to make a really hard but almost fair game (**spoiler alert**).

What Platforms Will “Necore Tower” Be Coming To?

Necore Tower will be coming to PC, with ports to Android and Android TV devices. Support for Gamepad, keyboard and mouse (right handed) and touch controls are implemented at this stage. A later release to the Nintendo switch may be possible once the main series is ready.

Who Developed The Game?

The game design, story writing and programming was done by @SoulessVagabond the owner of the NecoreSeries.

My Special Thanks

I want to thank everyone who helped me by creating assets that I could purchase to create this game and those who willingly offered their time to make some assets for the game.


Where Can I Download “Necore Tower”?

You can get early access to the game by becoming a member of the testing team just click become a tester today and fill in the form, you’ll then start getting testing team emails sent when there is a new update to download and test out.

You can also get access a bit early by visiting and grabbing the latest “out of testing” update for either windows x64 bit or Android devices running 4.2 Jellybean and up.

Be aware, there will still be bugs at this stage so if you find any let me know by mentioning @NecoreSeries on Twitter or emailing the Testing Team Admin if you’re a tester.

Finally, released titles will be available on, Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy Store* (pending).