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Necore Lore

Just like with most RPGs there is story with a rich background, and Necore is no exception.

Here, you can find out about some of Necore’s powerful relics, influential characters and some of the historical events that caused Necore’s near destruction of centuries past.

Current Lore for Legendary Relics:

  • The Necoria: Learn about this powerful relic of Necore.
  • The Jelly Cake: Learn all about this rare delicacy, it is more than just food…
  • The Crimson Ruby Circlet: Learn about this treasured family heirloom.

Lore on Characters (To Come):

  • Erik Frostblade
  • Amelia Valentine (Abigail)
  • Garron Whipplestrom
  • Stephanie Hastein
  • Samuel the Conqueror
  • Cassandra Crimstone
  • Katelyn Varsees
  • Bailey Keigser
  • Rhiannan Tristel
  • The Thunder King¬†¬†
  • Dark Arcane Wielders
  • Garlen Hastein
  • Theresa Poyter
  • Kostrem Hastein
  • Raychaile Kering
  • Haycobe Kreckly
  • Karlos Black
  • Sir Glen de Sporea

Lore on Events (To Come):

  • The Dark Arcane Era
  • The Creation of The Northern Craglands
  • Battle of The Arcane Kings
  • The Frostblades
  • Necore Tower