Necore Lore

Learn about the world based around the realm of Necore

Necore Series Lore:

Here you can find lore about characters, factions, events and items. This is a living document, meaning more lore will be added over time as the stories progress, and will usually coincide with a game release or a book release.

Dot points without links means they are coming soon. This list does not dictate what lore is currently created but what is available and what will be available soon.

About Necore

Necore is the first and most significant realm in the world of Morklyst. The land is scarred from past events but it is recovering. The capital is at Castle Tyriae which is home to the monarchy, the Crimson Guard and the Necore Guard. It has neighbouring realms of Sporea, an arid, hot, sandy place, and Kayderfleot a realm strewn with lakes and rivers, rich with fertile soil and easy access to the sea.


  • Garlen Hastein
  • Samuel The Conqueror (Samuel Blackthorn)
  • Gladius Banebringer
  • Abigail
  • Selena


  • The Crimson Guard
  • The Frostblades
  • The Necore Guard
  • Sporea
  • Kayderfleot
  • The Umbral Order
  • The Astral Order
  • Necore Mages' College

Significant Places

  • Castle Tyriae
  • The Northern Craglands
  • Thunder Mountains
  • Necore Mages' College
  • Amberstone Village
  • Amberstone Inn
  • Ambersap Forest
  • Necore Tower


  • The Dark Arcane Era
  • The Creation of The Northern Craglands
  • Battle of The Arcane Kings
  • Creation of The Frostblades


  • The Necoria
  • The Crimson Ruby Circlet
  • The Jelly Cake