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The Thunder King

Necore: The Thunder King

Necore: The Thunder King, is the first story and game in the Necore Series, though this story is set after the realm’s near extinction centuries ago.

In “Necore: The Thunder King”, you will play as Erik Frostblade, a hero? From centuries ago, who has lost his memories. Along your journey to recover your memories and powers you will uncover a plot that threatens the existence of Necore. What will happen? Who or what threatens Necore again, and so soon after its recent rebirth?

The Necore Series is a set of 2D pixel art style RPGs, inspired by the design of:

However, unlike Final Fantasy, the series is not going to be using Turn-Based combat, but rather something more fun and something more expressive for the player’s freedom.

You’ll find out more about the story in game, by reading the book when both are available or if you want to spoil yourself, head over to the Lore section.

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