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Become A Tester Today!

Contact emails will be notified when there is a new version available for testing, by joining the program you are aware that you are not employed by Outback Games and agree to having the information you provided accessible to Outback Games, who will send you said testing emails and use the data to improve the creation of the Necore Series.

At no stage will Outback Games share your data with any other third party. Be aware that Google May take some data of their own while you fill out the form, and is out Outback Games’s control. Your privacy with third parties is solely your responsibility.

This form is hosted by MailChimp, no personal data is shared with MailChimp unless your agree to supply it to them outside of this site. Your email is only stored in the Necore Series Testing Team database and will not be used for any other purposes than to send you updates regarding testing builds and testing team related updates.

There will be no spam or marketing emails sent to the email address that you sign up to the testing program with, only Urgent testing related updates and emails directly related to the testing of the NecoreSeries.

Thank you for your interest in this program! Best of luck to you!