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The Necore Series is a collection of stories and 2D pixel art games developed by “SoulessVagabond” the owner of solo game studio Outback Games

Based on nostalgic concepts and a Dark Medieval aesthetic the Necore Series aims to bring a story to life while giving player agency allowing for immersive player control in a whole new world as a main character from the stories.

The first game to kick off the series is Necore Tower, a mini-game aiming to present the players with a glimpse of what the first main series game will be striving for in “Necore: The Thunder King“, which is planned for release in 2025.


Q: What Engine are you using to make the games with? Please don’t say RPG Maker!

A: I’m using RPG.. Nah just kiddin, I am using Unity as that is the Engine I am comfortable with at the moment, however, once I get used to Unreal Engine future games past The Thunder King will most likely be made in Unreal v4+

Q: Where’d “Necore”, the word come from?

A: It was just something I was going over in my mind trying to find something that sounded cool for a fake pokemon in 2017. Now after some research in 2019 (after the series was started), I’ve found that it roughly translates to “intangible” from the Romanian language. This was completely by accident and you’ll understand how accidental and coincidental the relation of that translation is to the story.