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New Design, Necore Tower and More!

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Last updated on May 1, 2020

Welcome back everyone!

University has started back, but there was a good amount of progress made on the series and the Necore Tower project during the break. Let’s go over what’s changed below.

New Logo:

Yep! The Necore Series has a new logo, thanks to instagram user Girl_In_Featherz,

I am really grateful for the new logo, I am a terrible artist and however hard I may try, it always turn out to be not so great. So that’s cool.

YouTube Videos:

The original build log videos have been made private, for a new style of video that will be coming to the channel. This time with proper editing done to make it an interesting video to watch. You can see the channel here:

Necore Tower

Necore Tower is making great progress. It is of decent quality for the amount of time I have had to spend working on the project. It is due to release on, Game Jolt and Google Play, on April 24th 2020. Designed for windows PC.

Necore Tower – New Music

A new set of music has been made for the mini-game Necore Tower by SkitzoHouseCat Their music has been a great addition to the game and will more than likely completely replace the ASKII “Obscura” sound tracks that were originally planned for implementation.

Outback Games

Outback Games is my new business, and will be my independent game development studio. Through Outback Games, I’ll be creating more games and apps for Windows, Android and Consoles once the appropriate development kits are obtained. Outback Games is the official developer of the NecoreSeries now, in the event the business closes or is acquired, the IP will remain that of SoulessVagabond (mine) so there is no worry about the future of this series.

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