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A New Year, First 2020 Update. Welcome!

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Last updated on February 7, 2020

New Year has begun and things are looking prosperous for the project. It has been a while since I was able to update on the project’s status because of work I had to complete for university. Which was to help me pass my degree early this year.

New Year, New Necore Tower

Necore Tower is still in progress as it is being done as my major project to complete my degree.

I’ve had two weeks off working on it now due to the festivities and working on my very small holiday game for the season, “a Christmas puzzle”, which can be downloaded for x64 bit windows here:

I was also working on the 3D model pack for holiday themed games, which includes gingerbread pieces to build gingerbread houses in your games. This pack can be found here

The progress on Necore Tower will resume this week and the testing team will soon receive more builds to test. You can join the team here: Become a Tester Today.

The next update will entail Touch controls for Android devices with screens 5″+ and an aspect ratio of 16:9/16:8/16:10/18:9 and 19:9. 4:3 aspect ratios may work but are not targeted. It will also include new map layouts and potentially new enemy AI movement/following and attacking as well as an EoG test process. EoG == End of Game.

Garlen will have a newly modified attack in regards to melee and the special mana AoE. Enemies will have health bars and the quest menu should be implemented very soon.

Necore: The Thunder King

Necore: The Thunder King is still on hold at this stage but progress will resume once the course has finalized and I have my degree. I’ll be working on this particular project while I’m a broke student looking for employment, lol.

Thus far, I have had terrible luck finding any work at all, so in a positive mindset, I’ll have plenty of time to work on the project. The story is being written in my mind and notes are being taken while I work on the story for Necore Tower, as they both need to work together to make the timeline I have set, work properly as well as to make sense.

Goals For The New Year (2020)

Over the course of this year I hope to have a completed draft of the first main series game’s story Necore: The Thunder King. I also plan on completing my degree, getting Necore Tower in a playable functioning state by the end of January this year so that I can focus on my minor in 3D modelling/animation.

I plan on continuing to grow my C++ skills through courses I have purchased to supplement my degree.
Learning the Unreal Engine is a big goal of mine and I plan on working towards that.
Ruby is also a language I would like to learn as I could use the RPG Maker VX Ace and XP to make small games not related to Necore.

Finally refresh my java/javascript knowledge (terrible language but still) so that I can use the RPG Maker MV with Character Creation Hub (grabbed from Humble a while back) to make some neat games within that engine. Big thanks to my mate who grabbed it for me while it was on sale last year on steam (winter sale) for $28~ AUD.

About The RPG Maker Goal

Now I know there is a huge stigma with RPG Maker games within the gaming community but hear me out.

Even though the majority of the games made within RPG maker are trash games made to generate a quick buck or a beginner’s engine for people interested in just the game *design* aspect of it and ultimately just make another turn based JRPG with a new story. There are still some great games made using the engine. It just takes time and I plan on using the engine to make games that are out of the normal loop of game design in the engine and do my best to hide that it was made in it so that it feels like a good game.

Lastly, Necore games will never be made using RPG Maker, I must make that very, very clear as I promised that when I started this project and I will see it through to the end.

Well, that’s all for this update everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful new year and that you work hard and reap the benefits of what you sow!

Until Next Time,
~ SoulessVagabond

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