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Necore Tower Progress Update 19-11-2019

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Welcome back folks, I have some more update news for you regarding the mini-backstory game, “Necore Tower”.

The above video is showcasing the current latest build v0.0.4 in the Pre-Prototype stage.
Controls work on both gamepad and also Keyboard & Mouse at this stage. Potion Restoration is working and has no integer overflow problems.

Attack buttons (X) & (Y) or Left/Right Click currently take health and mana for debug purposes, however, (Y) will still deduct mana as it is the special move button.

Animations will be kept consistent per level now, with the character looking in the same direction that you were walking when you entered and the second floor is being worked on.

There may also be an engine change coming if Unity can’t play nice with its own tileset tools.

Things are on track to making this a viable prototype submission allowing continuation of the project into next Trimester.

Just a quick reminder about the game’s creation if you’re new. Necore Tower is a small “backstory”/prequel game to The Thunder King which is still in development and will be for a few years yet.

The intention behind this game, is to allow you to get familiar with what is coming for the main series games such as The Thunder King. However, it is also to get you learning about some awesome Necore Lore!

Anyways… Back To Work!

Catch you all next time,
~ SoulessVagabond.

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