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Major Mega News Day 27-10-2019

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Last updated on January 1, 2020

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Why have you taken so long to up date us sir!?

Um… I. Um.. Yeah.

So, anyways WELCOME BACK!

Although I have been away working on my major university projects, I have had time to post some nuggs on social media and some more around on the site while I was getting prepared to announce something I had not expected to be working on for a university project and have it relate directly with this.

Before we continue though, leave a comment below to what you think is about to be announced further down this page.

I’ll wait…

Did you guess correctly? Keep reading 😛 xD

So as you are by now familiar with I have been actively working on the first story for this game for nearly a year now while I have been studying my degree in game design. (If you’re new, welcome! Nice to meet you!)

This first story is called Necore: The Thunder King, staring the characters from the Lore page with more to be added these will be less important characters you’ll meet or important characters of the sequels.

There are backstories that I am making for each of the characters as well which also come with an accompanying Lore summary which is free but missing the detail that the backstories have. If you want to know more about what backstories are, hit up @NecoreSeries on twitter for a personal reply, or you can read through older posts or visit the shop.

Major Project Time!

Now that I have yammered on enough so that the answer to your guess isn’t completely ruined straight away in the next paragraph, we can talk about my university Major project.

The Major project I have chosen to do is… *Drum roll*

Necore Tower!

Yes! That’s right!

Ok, so technically this is a game, but in the immortal marketing statement made by Nintendo about their mobile “Advertisements” this is to be of a similar nature.

This advertisement (game) is a free advertisement (game) that will show the promise of the project and get you excited even more for what’s in store. Trust me, it’s going to be good I don’t skimp on story quality.

However, unlike the main series games, the tile-set and music is not being made from scratch, that is going to take a long, long time and is why I have set such a long period of development for the first main series game.

Instead the project will be using music from ASKII, an RPG tileset and Pixel effects from FinalBossBlues.

FinalBossBlues are having a halloween sale at the moment on, I do recommend checking it out if you don’t want to make your own tiles yet.

I have licenses for all 3rd Party art being implemented and direct consent from ASKII to use their music for the project with just accreditation, so you needn’t worry about the game being unavailable in the future.

As for data collection. There will be a small amount anonymous analytics retrieved (listed below):
– Age
– Gender
– Country

but you can opt out completely and you’ll only be asked once for the data.

The intention for the collection of analytics is not to sell, but to make publicly available. This is help small indie developers have information about their genre of game so that they can make an awesome experience for you without having to pay through the nose for data collected by bot firms or AAA studio data.

Good indie developers are the only force that will keep AAA studios in line with monetization methods and they can only achieve this by having the data available to them so as to compete directly with said studios and publishers.

Now, with that said, all collected data is again completely optional you can still play without sending data to Unity Analytics, I will make sure of this.

The genre and aesthetic style of this game by the way is a Dark Fantasy, roguelike, action, puzzle, RPG, dungeon crawler.

I know, it’s a mouthful I’m not versed in specific sub-genres as my actual game literacy is quite poor. I have a bunch of games on steam but that’s only a teeny tiny fraction of what’s available. So, if there is something shorter to explain that please. comment below I’d like to know lol.

Now, this project is not actually going to be that huge, it’s a backstory event after all, but by all that is good, it will be an experience for you to remember what gaming should be again.

It will be initially released over on, I do need to make this completely clear, though, Itch does have a donation option when downloading free games that I cannot turn off, I cannot accept any money for this game and any donations will be refunded as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in supporting this project you can get some of the backstories that will be released, including Necore Tower when it is done early next year, via the shop. Alternatively, you can get all the backstories that are released over time by becoming a patron on patreon.

For news though best to remain here as I don’t check patreon super often as I have quite a lot to keep an eye on while I am studying.

In summary what is Necore Tower?

Necore Tower is an Action Puzzle RPG set in a Dungeon crawler style similar to Pokemon Mystery dungeon and has one rule from roguelike games that we should all know, that being you lose your progress if you die.

All of this is set in a Dark Fantasy 2D pixel art style quite similar to RPG maker style games and Stardew Valley, to support the story design and effect.

You will play as Garlen Hastein and will have Samuel as the secondary main character of this story. Stay tuned for the backstory release and the character lore summaries if you don’t want to just yet spoil yourself with a copy of the backstory.

Garlen says bye!

Garlen Hastein (c) SoulessVagabond 2019 – Necore Series

I too shall now say goodbye.

Until next,
~ Soulessvagabond.

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