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News 19-09-2019

Posted in The Thunder King, and Updates

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Wow, *breathes out heavily*… Okay, lots to write here and lots of things coming.

So, university is back now which means two things, less progress to be made on the project and less news updates. However, this does not mean I will stop working on this project. Oh no no no.

There have been many changes over the past three weeks of university break. It has been good fun and has been great for keeping my motivation up for general life.

The Website:

The first change was to the way the site is run. It is now hosted on its own server and is running wordpress for simplicity.

The sidebar has been moved back over to the right hand side of the page, to feel more like it did when on blogger, as I personally prefer it now after so much time with it over on the blogger page.

A shop page has now been added, you can purchase backstories as they are written as well as a digital copy of the book when it is finally complete and had several editors pass over it.

The sale of the backstories are to help keep the site running independently as well as enhancing the quality of the games and books, by contracting outside assistance. Every so often there will be coupons shared via the twitter account and via a news post. These can be used for a discount or free copy.

Currently until October 10th 2019, you can use the coupon code “myFirst” in the shop to get your first backstory free. Limit 1 use per customer. Alternatively you can become a patron and get access to all backstories current and future. Head over to patreon to find out more!


There is a new dedicated account purely for Necore Series news @NecoreSeries is now the go to place for everything Necore. Now you no longer have to follow my personal account and see any BS that I like or share.

You can use the hashtag “#NecoreSeries” in your tweets, to share your thoughts or theories of characters in the story. I cannot say if your theories are correct or wrong, as it will spoil the story and we can’t have too many spoilers now, can we?


Ah, yes. University. The time for the major projects are upon us, so, I will be very busy. However, I am going to be pitching my project to be a backstory game for this series, I will have more information on this the next news update, I hope…

RSS Feed:

For anyone using RSS readers you have to update your feed link you can find the new link in the sidebar but I’ll post it here just in case to make things easier for you. This link should work straight away with your RSS reader on your mobile or PC. If you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment so we can get it working for you 😃

This will be the final weekly update until the break during the end of December 2019 until then I’ll be posting when I have enough time or something urgent is in need of sharing.

Until then, have a good one and I will see you again very soon

– SoulessVagabond

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