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News 08-09-2019

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Ah, isn’t it great when things start going right?

Yes it is. That fine people was a rhetorical question 😉

Anyways lots of news for this week, so strap in, strap on and get ready for some juicy Necore news!

So first on the agenda, the website. Yes the website has had a make over, I’ve done my best to keep it similar to the design as it was on blogger.

But the website is now completely hosted and running so it makes my life a little easier. I was super tempted to spend the next two weeks making a website using good old PHP, CSS and HTML but I decided against it for the reason of simplicity.

I can’t be spending valuable development time on the update site that can be quickly and neatly whipped up with something that can provide what is needed. Plus I can post on my phone so yeah… (Totally not what I’m doing right now… Lol)

Anyways, on to topic number 2. Backstories.

Yep you read that correctly, the first final draft for Kostrem and Theresa is available and oh boy is it a good read. It is a really nice one to read for insight into the plot of the first book & game.

Which leads us to topic number 3, these backstories will only be available to patrons or those who purchase them individually for $1 aud ea once I get the ecommerce thing sorted (may take a while).

The reason for this is because it is detrimental to the actual book these stories and because it really helps fund the project.

As long as I can keep it alive I don’t care if I make a profit on it. I just want to complete it and share it with the world, it’s kind of like my brain baby, though, I didn’t have a painful time physically to give it life…

If you’re interested in the patreon page you can find it here:

The pricing is different over there because I think I’ve made it so that you pay once and have access to that tier? If not I’ll figure that out with the help of you awesome people!

Oh, I should mention, this doesn’t effect the lore pages. The lore pages will remain free for everyone, as they are short summaries of the backstories.

Anyways, as always thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Saturday for the final weekly update before I Start back my 5th(out of 6) trimester of University.

– Soulessvagabond

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