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News 26-07-2019

Posted in The Thunder King, and Updates

Last updated on September 6, 2019

Necore: The Thunder King

It has been a good month since the last update, so the monthly updates are now in place. I haven’t made much progress on the game itself however, we have been going over character creation and simple psychology at uni to assist with making characters more relatable, and creating a good character overall.

Now, I know how to write a nice story not necessarily a great story but a decent one, just like anyone would be able to, but this will greatly improve the way the characters are presented in the game and in the story when it is complete.

There may potentially be voice acting in this game as well, so once I know more about that I will let you know in the next monthly update. I plan on this passion project RPG to be a great indie game and a new turn in the pixel art style action/japanese RPG genre.

Also in regards to the Nintendo Switch release, that will be a go when I’ve completed more of the project documentation and have some more projects in my portfolio from university, as well as the funding to purchase a development kit preferably the one with the cartridge writer to stock physical copies in small game shops around the area.

Anyways, that is about it for new news this month, until the next update enjoy your time and see if you can create something new yourself in any creative program and tag me, @soulessvagabond on twitter to share pics of your creation with me and the TooBadGaming community.

See ya next time,

– Soulessvagabond

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