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News 11-06-2019

Posted in The Thunder King, and Updates

Last updated on September 6, 2019

The Thunder King

News 11-06-2019

The Thunder King

It has been a good couple weeks since I’ve been able to update progress with the game. I have been working on getting projects started for university.

I have my first iteration for Erik Frostblade’s concept design drawn up. Obviously, the design here is not the final one and Erik could end up looking absolutely¬†different. The quality of my pixel art will increase as well over time so if you’re worried it’s too “blocky”, just remember that it’s just a first pass iteration on concept art.

Erik Frostblade

In the time I have been away I have also upgraded my GPU from the 1050Ti I was using originally so I’ll be able to render scenes better and not be slowed down too much by hardware limitations causing long loading times in Unity. Of course, the processing requirement for this game will not be strenuous on hardware when it’s ready nor so much in development, but the ability to effectively use texture painting for tiles will work much smoother.

Anyways, if time permits, this weekend I’ll be doing a prototyping stream in Minecraft either on twitch or mixer, be sure to follow if you want a notification when I go live.

Well, that’s about it for this week, until the next news update, enjoy yourself and have a great time!

-SoulessVagabond (MasterTato)

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