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Necore: The Thunder King – News 25-05-2019

Posted in The Thunder King, and Updates

Last updated on September 6, 2019

News this week is a little late, however, the great news this week is that I have started the draft version of the story which is being written in the notebook pictured above. Chapter one has taken off real well. It will be great when the time comes to type out a polished copy on the computer ready then for slicing up in a secondary document that will be used in the game.

For other news, I have recently changed the alias I am using for Twitter, MixerTwitch and YouTube. The new name is SoulessVagabond, I do realise Soulless is spelt incorrectly but it was done intentionally.

I’ll be uploading progress of the level prototypes in Minecraft to the YouTube account just for a little bit of fun, I’ll also post them here in the blog.

I still have yet to find a way to protect my IP with posting pictures and documents here on the site so I will still try to show as much as possible without revealing the important parts of the project that could potentially be stolen.

There should be some more lore coming to the lore pages here on the site in the near future as well.

Finally, I’ll be returning to university this coming week (May 27th 2019), so progress will once again slow down for a while.

Also if you’re looking to contact me on any social media you probably won’t reach me as I have chosen to not monitor it and have uninstalled all apps bar, YouTube and Twitch, in which case you can mail me through, just put the subject as Necore Series if it’s about the site and any other if it’s not regarding anything here.

This is mostly for keeping my sanity and staying mentally healthy, believe it or not, because we are social beings, with a primal instinct to be social to survive, we easily get addicted to the social interactions that the internet provides us almost instantly.

Now, it may affect you less if you are socialising daily offline, but for many nowadays we are more disconnected from each other. I’d say disconnected from reality, but the internet is real and the services tangible.

Anyways, enough of that drivel.

Enjoy your weekend and have a pleasant week,

– MasterTato (SoulessVagabond)

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