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Necore: The Thunder King – News Entry 13-05-2019

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Last updated on September 6, 2019

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Necore: The Thunder King – News Entry 13-05-2019

Now, I know that I missed the Thursday news update this week, but rest assured, although I took a break from social media I still worked on the Thunder King project in my spare time.

This week was focused on nailing the design aspects in the GDD (Game Design Document) for Necore: The Thunder King, so that further planning of the story can be completed. The first quarter of the story has been planned, and I’ve been working on pixel art mock-ups of the town, forest and the castle in Minecraft, to integrate working and playing at the same time. 😉 #Productivity haha.

I’d love to share some screenshots with you, however, I am yet to figure out a way to properly protect my IP when it comes to releasing digital art here on the website. When I do figure that out I’ll post some juicy screenshots just enough for you to want more and to not spoil too much for you 😉.

If you have any suggestions to how I can publish and protect my IP hit up the comment section below I’ll be sure to give it a good look over.

Anyways that’s about it for this week, don’t forget to tune into the social medias for quick tid bits about progress and subscribe to the RSS feed (small orange wi-fi looking logo).

– SoulessVagabond

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