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Necore Series Development News 02-05-2019

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Last updated on September 5, 2019

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So this is going to be a recurring thing, hopefully weekly on Thursday nights, to keep a log of all progress made. Without going too deep into things obviously as I don’t want to spoil the story too much. It has been difficult thus far to make sure that the lore page is ambiguous enough so that nothing is spoiled.

Also, unlike most business blogs I will try to stay as chill and loose with what I write here so, it’s not just a overly technical piece of documentation but something that reminds you that I am also human just as you are and connect with you as a community 🙂 .

For this week, progress has been slow due to working on getting my final assessments in for the end of term. The good thing is there is a three week break. This will be a period of time where I will make large amounts of progress to make up for the time I won’t get to work on the series due to university.

What I managed to get done this week is plot out the basic map routes for the Village, Castle, Forest and Craglands to use for Necore: The Thunder King

I also began working on the way to indirectly guide players in the game to make it more immersive, rather than having everything told to you in regards of which way to go and what buttons to press.

That’s basically it for this week’s newsletter/blog entry regarding the Necore Series. Be sure to follow for more updates about the Necore Series via twitter, mixer, patreon and instagram.

Until next time,
– SoulessVagabond

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