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Welcome To The Necore Series Website

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Last updated on November 19, 2019

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What is the Necore Series?

The Necore Series is a project aiming to create a collection of RPG fantasy adventure games. This project is being developed by L. Kennedy also known by the aliases of (“SoulessVagabond”, “LaserDawn/LaserDawn84” and “TatoGames”) and has been in planning since late 2017.

The first story, “The Thunder King” is currently being created and simultaneously being turned into a game, you can read more about what’s to come in future posts here, over on Twitter, or listen in live to the Twitch streams as I will sometimes talk about progress.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed (top right, looks like a wifi logo) to stay up to date with this site whenever a new post is made, I can assure you, there will be NO spam content on this site ever.

Get started by checking out the details of the first story in the series, Necore: The Thunder King or visit the About page for more information.

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